Lebanon's Leading Paint Corporation

A Heritage of Paints and Colors, that Meets Quality and Lifestyle

  1. BMA Paints,


    The commercial and industrial company BMA Paints, founded in 1980 in Beirut region, became a leading manufacturer of solvent based paints and coating.

  2. Milesi’s Agent


    In 1988, BMA Paints became Milesi’s agent in three countries: Lebanon, Kuwait and Syria.

  3. We Export!


    In 1990, BMA Paints started to export its products outside the Lebanese territory. It startedwith the KSA, then extended its business activities to Kuwait in 1991, Africa in 1994, UAE in1996.

  4. Water Base


    In 1997, BMA Paints opened up new prospects in the world of paints and colors, by producingwater based paints and coatings

  5. Expanding Exports


    In 1999, BMA Paints started to export its products to Syria in 1999, Nigeria in 2000, Jordan in 2002, Iraq in 2004, Qatar in 2010, and finally inAustralia in 2017.

  6. BMA Paints New Alliances


    Starting 2008, a new brand named Gambini was introduced to the collection followed by the new Italian brand Colsar in 2009, for solvent and water basedpaints, to end with the Turkish brand Pulver in 2013, who's agent in Lebanon is BMA Paint.

  7. ISO9001:2015


    As a reward for their efforts, BMA Commercial & Industrial S.A.L became a holder of the ISO9001:2015 (International Organization for Standardization) and OHSAS 18001:2007(Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) certificates. This guarantees that all theoperations that are conducted are in compliance with International Standards.

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    The success of this company did not stop there. In recognition of their continuous search for thequality demonstrated by the achievement of ongoing development and innovation applied tosolutions which create business results, it was also awarded with the Quality Summit, New York2017, Gold Award For Excellence and Business Prestige.

A Lebanese Agent for International Brands

In this context, BMA Paints formed multiple strong bonds with International brands. First of all, it became the agent of Milesi, a brand of the IVM Group that was established in 1947 in Italy. It is known as one of the largest and most influential wood coatings manufacturers in Europe.

Next, it worked with Pulver, an operator in the powder coating industry since 1988. This Turkish company is one of the largest powder companies and ranks second in Europe. It sells different types of powder coatings such as Epoxy, Epoxy-Polyester and Polyurethane.

BMA Paints is also a Lebanese agent for Esta Omega, a powder paint company, founded in 1994 in Turkey. With high level specialists, it manufactures and sells entire range of electrostatic powder, wet spraying equipment, powder coating equipment and a wide range of other facilities.