A Heritage of Paints and Colors, that Meets Quality and Lifestyle

  1. BMA Paints,


    Maurice Hassoun Trading & Distribution Est. was founded in Lebanon.

  2. BMA Paints & Coverplast License


    BMA Paints Commercial & Industrial s.a.r.l. was established. Began manufacturing solvent based coatings, under the licence of Coverplast, Italy.

  3. Milesi's Agent


    Became agent of MILESI in Lebanon, Kuwait & Syria.

  4. BMA Exporting


    The export journey began.

  5. Water based Coatings


    Production of water based coatings to reduce the emission of VOC.

  6. Gambini Paints


    Gambini Paints launched for water based coatings.

  7. Solvent & Water based Coatings


    Started manufacturing solvent and water based coatings, under the Italian brand Colsar.

  8. Pulver Agent


    Became agent of Pulver in Syria and Lebanon.

  9. Esta Omega Agent


    Became agent of Esta Omega in Lebanon.

  10. BMA and Samas Chemicals Merger


    Became agent of Samas Chemicals. The company transformed into a joint stock company; BMA Paints Commercial & Industrial s.a.l.

  11. Moravia Agent


    Became agent of Moravia in Lebanon.

A Lebanese Agent for International Brands

MILESI: is an Italian brand born in 1947, part of the IVM group. Milesi is one of the largest and influential wood coatings manufacturers in Europe and in the world.

PULVER, POWDER COATINGS: is operator in the powder coating coating industry since 1988. It is the largest powder coating company in Turkey and ranks second in Europe, it presents the following types of powder coatings: Epoxy, Epoxy-Polyester, Polyurethane.

ESTA OMEGA: is a Turkish brand of powder and wet paints born in 1990.

MORAVIA MARINE COATINGS: started production in Trieste, Italy as one of the first antifouling producers in 1863. After being used by US Navy in 1930’s, Moravia Antifouling Paints were accepted as the “Best underwater protection in the world” and used widely in Mediterranean Sea.