About Us

  1. BMA Paints,


    Maurice Hassoun Trading & Distribution Est. was founded in Lebanon.

  2. BMA Paints & Coverplast License


    BMA Paints Commercial & Industrial s.a.r.l. was established. Began manufacturing solvent based coatings, under the licence of Coverplast, Italy.

  3. Milesi's Agent


    Became agent of MILESI in Lebanon, Kuwait & Syria.

  4. BMA Exporting


    The export journey began.

  5. Water based Coatings


    Production of water based coatings to reduce the emission of VOC.

  6. Gambini Paints


    Gambini Paints launched for water based coatings.

  7. Solvent & Water based Coatings


    Started manufacturing solvent and water based coatings, under the Italian brand Colsar.

  8. Pulver Agent


    Became agent of Pulver in Syria and Lebanon.

  9. Esta Omega Agent


    Became agent of Esta Omega in Lebanon.

  10. BMA and Samas Chemicals Merger


    Became agent of Samas Chemicals. The company transformed into a joint stock company; BMA Paints Commercial & Industrial s.a.l.

  11. Moravia Agent


    Became agent of Moravia in Lebanon.


Driven by an inspirational conscious to meet and satisfy both professional and home client’s needs. BMA paints will offer the greatest quality value and promote innovative and sustainable solutions. By providing a wide range of coating solutions, our brand will gain recognition, respect, affordability and stand the test of time to gain excellence in sales and services of proficient painting solutions.

BMA will be a leader and a source of pride for our beloved country, Lebanon, in the international market specifically in the Middle East Region and North Africa.

Quality, Health & Safety Management System

BMA Paints is committed to sustainably create value, to effectively and efficiently build customer trust and satisfaction. Also to identify and control the health and safety risks at its premises by reducing the potential for accidents and injuries. BMA Paints also complies with the respective legislation and International Standards to improve operational performance.

BMA Paints commitment is to manage effectively the quality, health and safety management system by developing, implementing and maintaining a best practice, an oriented process, an integrated and updated management system and develop annual and long term objectives in order to achieve continuous improvement. Every BMA Paints employee, at all levels of the organization, is involved and dedicated to achieving High-Quality Standards for all consumers.