Bourj Hammoud in colors!

Renovation of Bourj Hammoud Bridge in collaboration with the Municipality.

With the agreement and cooperation of the Municipality of Bourj Hammoud, BMA Paints was
engaged in the renovation and maintenance of the Achrafieh-Bourj Hammoud Bridge, offering
them its high coverage painting materials.

The work was divided into two consecutive phases. The first one consisted in painting the lower
part of the bridge, the columns. A gradient palette of bright combinations has beautifully
pigmented the underside, adding a real touch of freshness to the area.
The second phase included the maintenance of the upper part, painted with the colors of our
precious Lebanese Flag, symbol of union and belonging... the values which BMA Paints holds

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Beirut Building

Renovation of a building in Gemmayze in cooperation with Nawraj NGO.

In the light of its mission "Rebuild Beirut", and in collaboration with the organization Nawraj,
BMA Paints has committed to providing the necessary equipment for the renovation of one of
the buildings in Gemmayze, severely affected by the explosion of Beirut Port in August 2020. The
building has been completely repainted by the diligent teams of Nawraj, their efforts being
combined with the high quality of BMA Paints products. This initiative is only a sample of the
continuous efforts put on site in our beloved capital.

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Armenian Catholicosate Of The Great House Of Cilic

Protection of the concrete with BMA Concrete Sealer.

BMA Concrete Sealer is a self-priming solvent based sealer designed with high performance, suitable for interior and exterior use on floors, paths, driveways and pavers.

1.A long lasting self-priming sealer,
2.Resistance to erosion, abrasion and dust,
3.Resistance to harmful effect of UV light and weather conditions,
4.Barrier against water permeability and chemicals migration,
5.Withstanding heavy weights with a great impact resistance,
6.Remarkable flexibility and elasticity,
7.Anti-slipping property.

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